We have provided Data warehouse emergency tuning analysis all over the world. In one instance, our lead developer was sent to investigate why a data warehouse overnight loading program was taking 24 hours to load data, when the goal of the project was to complete the overnight load within 2 hours. The loader was not optimized for the database; he was able to develop a shell script to complete all the necessary loads within 8 minutes. As a result of his performance on this assignment he was personally requested by the customer to return to solve another issue with their data warehouse 2 years later.
We developed a Real-Time capture system for clients to enable Stock Market data to be captured and analyzed in Real-Time. Our products have been sold for up to $100M by our clients . Working on a large project for a UK bank we were able to save the project by fixing a component built by others which was causing test runs to continually fail, to the point where the customer was losing confidence in the whole project. We developed an email attachment server for Internet juggernauts. We have performed data warehouse migrations for multiple clients. We have designed and optimized Informix databases.
Our most rewarding achievements have come from being put onto projects that were failing and turning them around, succeeding where others failed. We have more than 20 Years of programming and application development experience on a variety of platforms.
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